The most popular question we get asked is…..

Do you have a wrap for a 7 years old? (or any age child) the chances are we do but we have no idea how tall or small your child is. so with this in mind we will explain how our sizings work.

The biggest issue is half of the team is still working in old school feet and inch’s and the other half is in centimeters. so we have both on the site to help every one out.

The following sizes are a guide only, you still need to measure the child for a perfect fitting.

20″ ~ 51cm Age 1 +

25″ ~ 64cm Age 2+

30″ ~ 77cm Age 4

35″ ~ 89cm Age 6+

40″ ~ 102cm Age 8+

45″ ~ 115cm Age 12+


40 Inch (Under 5ft 4)

45 Inch (5ft 4 to 5ft8)

50 Inch (5ft8 to 6ft)

Our adult wraps are deigned to allow anyone to get changed under them,

but we can also adjust them to suit you, we can make the necks extra wide or smaller,

we can also make the wraps themselves wider but our standard size coming in at just under a 2 meter circumference

we pretty much have you covered, if your still not sure or would like some changes, message us.