So, whats so special about a Guernsey Towelling wrap?

Years ago your parents or granny would sew two towels together to help you keep warm after swimming around the islands beautiful bays,  you would slip it on and instantly feel warm and dry.

So fast forward to today, and the principle is the same but with some slight changes….

Today’s wraps are designed to fit all shapes and sizes with one common factor.

The ability to get changed without the risk of exposing yourself. By making slight changes to our wraps, we have been able to keep the traditional shape but allow you  the ease of removing or refitting your bra, t-shirt, pants, shorts etc without feeling restricted. Our unique design also allows for armholes to be fitted to allow you the freedom of movement around the beach / pool / gym without the fear of exposing your chest or falling over and not being able to stop yourself, best part of having armholes is going to to the kiosk to get a coffee without having to get changed or like we do, finish our swim, pop on our wrap and drive home.